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This price includes installation and takedown of the tent for your event, which may fall over one weekend. When your event is on a weekend, we could install the tent on Thursday or Friday so you have plenty of time to decorate. We can also take the tent down on Monday or Tuesday, allowing you plenty of time for cleanup. Plain white sidewalls are included at no additional cost, but not installed unless otherwise requested.

Set up, take downs, deliverys and pick ups can be scheduled anytime outside of our regular business hours. Pricing for this service, begins at $25 and can increase based on location, time and size of order.

A signed contract and a deposit of 50% are required on all rentals. The reservation is not made until both are received. Final payments must be made 30 days before the date of the event.

Tents Pricing Chart

Tent Size
In Ft.
Seated at
8’ Tables
Seated at
5’ Rounds
Add to
Wish List
10 X 20 FrameCall to Inquire20025
20 X 20
Call to Inquire400503232
20 X 20 Frame
Call to Inquire400503232
20 X 30
Call to Inquire600754840
20 X 40
Call to Inquire8001008064
20 X 40 FrameCall to Inquire8001008064
30 X 30
Call to Inquire9001137864
30 X 45
Call to Inquire135016913088
30 X 60
Call to Inquire1800225174128
30 X 75
Call to Inquire2250281224152
30 X 90
Call to Inquire2700338272192
30 X 105
Call to Inquire3150394320240
30 X 120
Call to Inquire3600450368256
40 X 40
Call to Inquire1600200160128
40 X 60
Call to Inquire2400300272192
40 X 80
Call to Inquire3200400352256
40 X 100
Call to Inquire4000500464320
40 X 120
Call to Inquire4800600544384
40 x 140Call to Inquire5600700656448
40 x 160Call to Inquire6400800768520
60 x 40Call to Inquire2400300272192
60 x 70Call to Inquire4200525440336
60 x 100Call to Inquire6000750656480

Standing and seating are estimates only based on the sq. ft. of the tent.
Larger Tents Available Please call to Inquire.